Hong Kong underground

I’ve just got emailed some photos of the Greenpeace campaign I worked on, taken in underground stations in Hong Kong. Cheers to Nicky for sending them over…

Matt Johnstone illustration, Greenpeace, Car-free

Matt Johnstone illustration, Greenpeace, Car-free

Matt Johnstone illustration, Greenpeace, Car-free

Matt Johnstone illustration, Greenpeace, Car-free

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Greenpeace China

I have been working hard on illustrations promoting a car free day organised by Greenpeace China. I drew three sets of tire tracks for the project and there is a story contained in each of them. The day will be held on 22nd of September and tries to encourage people to stop using their cars so much and use public transport, cycle or walk.

You can have a look at the first of the three illustrations and read an interview that I did about my cycle to work on the Greenpeace website.

Matt Johnstone illustration, Greenpeace, Car-free

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Escape to the land of tea

I have just finished illustrating a mug for an exhibition at BJL in Manchester sponsored by Typhoo tea, drawn directly on a blank mug with special ceramic pens. ‘Escape to the land of tea’ celebrates switching off, forgetting about reality and letting your mind wander at tea time.

Matt Johnstone illustration, BJL, Typhoo tea

Matt Johnstone illustration, BJL, Typhoo tea

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Wall’s sausages

I was commissioned by BMB London to produce a series of illustrated limited edition Wall’s sausages logos celebrating the Bank Holiday, Bangers & Mash and Bonfire Night for magazine adverts. Pictured below is the Bank Holiday version…

Matt Johnstone illustration, Wall's Sausages

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Nokia Eco Film

I worked hard last year producing drawings for an animated film for Nokia commissioned by Wieden + Kennedy. The animation illustrates Nokia environmental initiatives and it was great to get a chance to work with animation director Steve Scott and a team of talented animators at Not To Scale who brought my drawings to life. Lots of the animation was hand-drawn frame by frame and there’s a great 3D shot moving through buildings at the beginning. Look closely and you should see new bits of detail each time you watch it – an Inuit on a pogo stick, a squirrel in a hard hat operating heavy machinery and a monkey up a lamppost! The animation is set to be shown in IMAX cinemas throughout the UK over the following year. Cheers to Charlie, Chris, Steve, Jen, Ryan, Shay and LP.

Matt Johnstone illustration, Nokia eco

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Ford Ka

Towards the end of last year I was working on illustrations for promotional work for the new Ford Ka commissioned by Wunderman. I produced illustrations for a postcard with die-cut Ford Ka’s that pop up. The postcard was as a teaser to an A2 map I illustrated and also did a few sketchy illustrations used on the back of the map. You can see the map on the new Ford Ka website where it’s used as a background you can scroll around.

Matt Johnstone illustration, Ford Ka

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